About Yarinareth

Welcome to Yarinareth. This is the personal site of David and Dorothea Salo.

The word “Yarinareth” comes from Lord Dunsany’s Pegana mythos. The story “Of Roon, the God of Going (And The Thousand Home Gods)” explains it:

Yarinareth, … Yarinareth, … Yarinareth, which signifieth Beyond—these words be carved in letters of gold upon the arch of the great portal of the Temple of Roon that men have builded looking towards the East upon the Sea, where Roon is carved as a giant trumpeteer, with his trumpet pointing towards the East beyond the Seas.

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About Dorothea

I am, in alphabetical order: agnostic, avid reader, Caucasian, carfree, childfree, female, feminist, IXTJ, married, teetotaler, RPGer, vegetarian. And probably a few other things that don’t leap to mind.

I currently work as the Digital Repository Librarian at the University of Wisconsin. Standard disclaimer applies: nothing I say on the Internet, most particularly from my own personal Internet sites and accounts, is intended to represent the University of Wisconsin, or any of my previous employers in any fashion.

You may contact me from this site.

About David

David Salo is a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He received his MA in 2002 and is continuing work on his Ph.D.

David is best known for his work on the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, for which he is linguistic consultant. He did similar work for the now-defunct Iron Crown Enterprises, designer of the Middle-earth Role Playing system.

David Salo did not write any of the foregoing (his wife did) and is therefore not responsible for it.

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